I am combining my multi-cultural experiences from various fields with the environment I do live in, recently Jaffa. This kind of spiritual urban featuring has now become indispensable in the way I look at daily scenes. Well supported by meditative ways of living, innovation as a steady flow of transformation, where ideas arise steadily in a sparkling mind of such a dynamic environment like Tel Aviv. The medium I use does touch all kind of frictions and sensations appearing in true life, buildings, streets, public places and nature itself.  My art is somehow reaction and reflection on my personal environment according to an actual state of mind. Fascinated by sculptures, stone works and nowadays by urban art – having roots in a German-Canadian craftsman family, creativity was already placed in the cradle of early childhood. Considering the fact, that studying fine arts offers limited job perspectives, I have started first a career in diplomacy and education, while creation and art always remained present as a passion.

After studying and working for several French institutions in Europe I continued my professional life in Asia. Experiencing almost 10 years  South Korea and Thailand where I was enthusiastically influenced  by the Zen Buddhism, what is to be noticed until now in any kind of activities of my daily life.  In 2004  the Asian time was up  – moving back to Europe again. The reverse culture shock in Berlin had anything to offer but being home, roots or identity, so I kept on moving. Gettin’ a chance to work in Israel, which I knew already from many travels during my youth – I have chosen Tel Aviv as a residence for the time being where I started studying art academically and where I became a Sivananda Yoga teacher.